Edited by Jessica Chandler

I've been editing for over a decade, my degree is in screenwriting so my storytelling skills are strong, and I love doing VFX and graphics so I'll be looking for any excuse to add those extra special touches to your project. I work quickly and my overachieving inner Lisa Simpson assures that my deliveries are on time and quality controlled. 

DC Comics & Warner Bros.

I’ve cut over 50 documentaries used as bonus feature or enhanced content material for shows including Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Gotham, Supernatural, as well as for DC Animated Features. These are always really fun for me because of the great creative freedom I'm given. I've been lucky to work with producers who often give me the opportunity to have a large hand in crafting the story as well as encouraging me to experiment visually with how we treat the comic book material. The projects aren't just the typical promos or behind-the-scenes extended content, they're often emotional deep-dives into the characters and the creators that go beyond normal comic book fare.


Branded Content

I've cut commercials, internal corporate videos, and branded web series for companies including Sprint, Purina, Macy's, and Special K cereal. I understand how to integrate branded elements with entertaining content to create videos that people want to watch.

Scary Endings

Scary Endings is a horror anthology web series I co-produce with some friends on the weekends and it is truly my playground for learning and trying out all imaginable visual effects work. We aren't paid to do these and really all just use them as a way to hone our skills. Everyone wears many hats on this very very indie production and so naturally I've found myself writing, set dressing, and script supervising at times, but really I'm most excited for shooting to be over so I can start trying out another new visual effect. I've used this series to really hone the basic skills of wire removal and screen replacements, but I've also been able to experiment with set extensions, digital gore, and animation.

Motion Graphics and Visual Effects

I really enjoy any chance to work with graphics and vfx. Whether I'm animating comic book images or compositing horror effects or simply removing wires, if I've gotten to open Photoshop or AfterEffects it's been a good day. Take a look at my motion graphics and visual effects reel to get a sense of what I can bring to your projects.




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